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Title: Patch notes - EN
Post by: estiah on June 22, 2014, 02:04:22 am

After 5 years of hard work... Estiah 2 is finally live!
Title: Re: Patch notes - EN
Post by: Lezard on July 05, 2014, 02:57:54 pm

Coliseum mode
- Player initial HP raised from 600 to 800
- [Hell Jewel] now properly fights for you
- Fixed a crash caused by [Fissure]

Story mode
- Slight buff of the monsters of Ruined Lighthouse
- Survival skill updated: the amount of points gained now depend on the remaining health percent
- Spirituality skill updated: Now depends on the number of charms left, and not a percent of the maximum charms. No points are awarded if the starting deck is too small.
- Ruined Lighthouse and Floor of Torment now properly award their achievement on completion
Title: Re: Patch notes - EN
Post by: Lezard on August 03, 2014, 05:24:12 pm

New Dungeon: Blacksand Wastes
A new dungeon was added in Triland for lv26 players, where you will meet the charming wildlife of the desert.
This adventure was designed by Gabbin.

New Dungeon: Catacombs of Kemol
A new dungeon was added in Draka for lv40 players, where you will visit an almost peaceful crypt.
This event also includes a 3-character group battle. It was designed by QQchampion.

- Hot Replays page has been added. It's easier to stalk the best players from now on.
- You can now access a monster encyclopedia through the inventory menu. It will register all the creatures that you have been able to soul capture.
- The experience given by side quests was reduced
- Dungeon completion achievements are now multi-tiered. Tiers past the first award experience.
- Damage weakness and resistance no longer apply to spirit damage
- The rewards for completing chapter 7 and 8 have been moved to the right node
- [Cold Light] craft recipe changed: now uses Vita instead of Kata
- Achievement awarded for using protect charms renamed to "Protector"
- Eolystre now has a face in Act8!
- The amount of points to gain class skills was increased for the last 2 ranks of each path
- Several Lightning, Twinblade and Fist charms got a slight increase in power
- Monsters across Estiah have started to develop a resistance to soul capture spells. Hopefully, the Soultrader in Lumina just stocked in a few improved soul capture charms
- The recipes for craft items [Liquid Thunder] and [Liquid Ice] were changed
Title: Re: Patch notes - EN
Post by: Lezard on September 20, 2014, 04:59:39 pm

New Dungeon: Altar to Pandamius
The power within these ruins seems to have infused the Shadowspawn that settled inside with unholy power… as if they were lacking any!
A new dungeon is open for lv40 players in Night Tear. It also includes a 3-player battle.

Guild features
- A shoutbox has been added to the guild page, for an easier communication between guild members.
- A few basic guild features have been added: guild kick/quit/disband. Guild masters can now edit
various guild information such as announcement, description etc. now.
- More guild features coming soon!

Replay features
- A comment section has been added to battle replays. You can share your thought about how you fare
in fights you liked!
- Replay list's pagination has been fixed, all your previous replays should be accessible from now on.

Battle interface
- Keyboard shortcuts has been added: use arrows to move your characters around and ctrl+click to
target units without confirmation.
- There's now direction indicator once your move command is queued.
- Players' hands during multiplayer replays are no longer mixed up. You only need to select the player
whose hand you wish to see.

Translation page
- Auto translation suggestion has been added, this should help translators a lot!
- Newly suggested texts are now tagged as "new", there's also a new text category "improvable" that
allow us to pick the best translation among the best.

- Player will no longer earn new deck slots as they level up.
- New quests have been added, allowing you to collect materials to build better gear containers, and new backpacks.
- The motivated Applicant in Act I.2 will now let you pass even if you fail to beat the Target Dummy.
- The Phoenix Intendant in Act V.4 will now properly prevent you from using both his totems at once.
- The Soul Trap stone next to Zell  can no longer be Soul Captured
- Lumina's Royal Jeweller has finally retired to open a small craft shop in Aleas
- The soul capture mechanism has been reviewed. Captured monsters no longer die instantly, they still have to be defeated normally to claim thir rewards (and soul gems)
- Soul capture now also take into account the level difference, meaning it is a bit easier to capture a monster with a lower level.
- Fixed an issue that caused spawned mobs to be immune to soul capture
- [Ritual Dagger] No longer triggers the apocalypse when used